Lithium Miracle element. One theory is that it formed at the center of supernovas that weighed much more than the Sun. After finishing the hydrogen fuel, the supernova cannot withstand its mass and starts to collapse on itself. Meanwhile, one of the many elements formed is Lithium. Unable to withstand internal pressure, the supernova explodes and other elements formed with Lithium are scattered into the universe and dispersed to the newly formed planets. The element lithium together with other elements formed our world.

There is a saying in Anatolia. We take our bread out of stone. We earn our bread from the sun and the miraculous element Lithium.

The element lithium gives off an electron in its orbit very easily and becomes a positively charged atom. Since it reacts very quickly, the LiFePO4 compound is obtained by mixing with iron phosphate powder and the battery is made.

We have been operating in the electrical-electronics sector for 30 years. We have been installing Solar Power Plants for the last 15 years. As it is known, to obtain electricity from the sun and to put it into use, a panel, an invertor and a battery are required. Here Gel Batteries are widely used in Turkey. After the Gel Battery has been charged and discharged approximately 700 times, it becomes unusable. But Lithium Battery has the feature of charging and discharging 6000 times.

Therefore, we started operating in the Lithium Battery industry. The cel we use is Lithium Prismatic cell with 3.2 volt 50 Ah capacity. We produced a 2.4 kWatt power pack battery by using 15 lithium prismatic cells.

As shown in our product catalog, we have developed 15 products with a power of 144 kWatt to 2.4 kWatt. All our batteries are charged and discharged in an electronically controlled manner. We have extended its lifetime to fill and discharge 6000 times by allowing a current of half the rated current instead of the rated current. All our batteries are protected by electronic circuits against over current, over voltage and heat. We have come a long way in developing this technology.

the first company operating in the electrical energy storage in Turkey. We are developing this technology every day. We have made all kinds of preparations for the production of electric car batteries. In the upcoming period, we will release it to the market after we have done all the tests.

All assemblies are made by us and we provide a 5-year warranty. A family living in a village in Turkey can obtain all its energy needs from the sun. The problem of installing panels next to water wells is eliminated. Solar panels that are far from the settlement are not preferred due to the security problem. The ability to charge the battery with the panel it will install on its roof and take it to the water well eliminates the security problem.

When a Lithium battery with 30 kWatt power is charged 6000 times, its life will be over after 180,000 kWatt electricity is stored. This shows that it is extremely economical. We guarantee the replacement of batteries that have completed their cycle life. It will be much more economical to replace only the Cell Battery. LiFePO4 compound is environmentally friendly as it can be recycled later. When it mixes with the soil, it only fertilizes the plant.

As it is known, Lithium element is used as a sedative in the pharmaceutical industry. It has been observed that suicide rates are much lower in areas with abundant Lithium element in their water. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry as an antidepressant. That’s why we love this element.

Currently we firmly believe that the energy requirements of all the villages in Turkey will be covered from the sun. We are ready for this with our technology.